For whom is fodjan suitable?

Feeding is an essential factor of success for dairy farms. This depends on the right use of feedingstuff, the feed requirement planning, herd management as well as the ration calculation. Always with the end in view, to keep the right balance between animal health and costs.

At this point fodjan smart feeding supports you. Whether you have a consultant by your side or not. With the feeding software you're able to find fast and easy, healthy and reasonable rations.


    The companies who work together with consultants profit from the comprehensive know-how and the high experience of the experts. At this point fodjan is a helpful tool to support consultants with the innovative feeding software and to create more transparency between farmer and consultant. For the common use both receive an access to the software. TEST IT WITHOUT OBLIGATION

    Also for the companies who work without consultants and take in hand the feeding of the milk cows themselves fodjan is an ideal programme to administer the feed supplies clear and to find the most suitable ration. Many companies, also without consultants, find with fodjan healthier rations - without having to invest more. On the contrary: The companies save on an average 10 % of their feed costs. TEST IT WITHOUT OBLIGATION

    You are dairy- or feed consultant and would like to advise your companies individually and in the best way possible? With the innovative feeding programme fodjan smart feeding you can advise several companies and optimise them at the same time. Whether planning, ration calculation or feed health assessment – fodjan finds for every company healthier and cheaper rations. TEST IT WITHOUT OBLIGATION