smart feeding  For Pigs

What is fodjan smart feeding?Economic success is strongly related to feeding. fodjan helps you to get the most out of it.

  • Achieve the best possible feed conversion and meat quality
  • Reduce feed costs
  • Stabilize feed health
  • Optimal use of in-house feedstuffs
  • Meet legal requirements

Get more out of the feed

  • Orientation values: Standard feed models for piglets, (young) sows and fattening pigs are stored
  • Ration calculation based on pcv amino acids
  • Quickly adjust rations or use ration proposals
  • Use extensive feed database or enter your own feed
  • Multi-objective optimization: In ration calculation, consider feed costs and e.g. energy, protein and amino acid density at the same time

Healthy fattening achievements

  • Graphical overview indicates deficiency or surplus of individual nutrients and minerals
  • Stabilize intestinal health by observing the structure supply (CF, NDF, ADF)
  • Save veterinarian costs and stabilize health
  • Optimum energy, protein and amino acid supply for the best possible meat quality

Keep an eye on key figures and yield

  • Respond to market prices, feed costs and qualities
  • Use feed analyses in the software without typing (Eurofins, SYNLAB, LUFA etc.)
  • N- and P-supply always in view

Easier collaboration

  • Digitize collaboration
  • Invite more user: Distribute reading and writing rights to adviser, feeder, veterinarian etc.
  • Share rations and feed analyses flexibly via WhatsApp or email
  • Location-independent working with fodjan Pro on the PC or fodjan App (coming soon) on the smartphone



Mobile Feeding Management
  • Add rations and animal groups
  • Use ration proposals, e.g. „N-reduced“
  • Health evaluation per feed ration
  • Mini farm evaluation
  • „Feed Now“ function
  • Use feed analyses in App
  • Invite other user and assign rights
  • Latest news about feeding and fodjan
  • Can be used together with Pro

Freely available for your smartphone from 2019


Feeding Management for Professionals
  • Add rations and animal groups
  • Calculate manually or use ration proposals
  • Health evaluation of each feed ration
  • Change configurations,
    e.g. demands on feed ration
  • Multi-objective optimization with ration catalog
  • Get alternative feed proposed
  • Calendar for ration planning
  • Invite other users
  • Manage interfaces
  • Tutorials
  • Usable together with App (from 2019)

Get to know everything and try it for 2 weeks for free:

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