smart feeding  For Advisers

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Easy Customer Management

  • With the fodjan Pro adviser access, you can create your advised farmes and manage them clearly in the adviser cockpit.
  • Fast and location-independent access to the current database via the Internet
  • Feed analyzes are loaded directly into the software, no need for elaborate typing
  • Feed ranges under control: You can see the stocks and ranges of feed of each farm

Improve Collaboration

  • Strengthen your relationship with the farmer and increase the performance of your advice.
  • Quick communication with the customer by simultaneously using the software from different locations.
  • Access rights for the farmer: Improve feeding with your customers.


  • Our feeding assistant supports you in the ration calculation.
  • Automatic evaluation of feed health of each ration.
  • Time savings: fodjan calculates all possible solutions. Through multi-objective optimization, you quickly reach the "best" ration.
  • Keep important economic indicators such as feed costs, feed efficiency and IOFC in mind.

Support & Enterprise

  • Support for setup and software usage is available upon request.
  • Enterprise Solution: Complete software solutions customized for your business, such as your own feed database or feed model.


Extend the standard consultant access with individual solutions and features.
  • Standard Adviser Account
  • Adviser Administration
  • Individual Access Rights
  • Individual Feed Model
  • Individual Feed Database
  • Trainings and Workshops
  • Maintain Feed Prices Centrally


Use fodjan Pro for as many farms as you like.
  • fodjan Pro
  • Multi-Client Capability
  • Setup and Manage Farms
  • All farms in the adviser cockpit
Test It without Obligation